Saint-Gobain Vertex Litomyšl

Project specification:

NázevSaint-Gobain Vertex Litomyšl
Project studioKovoprojekta Brno a.s., Družstvo Stavoprojekt
InvestorVERTEX, a.s.
Start date1995
Finish date2006
Type of contractprivate
Type of projectIndustrial buildings
Type of buildingfirm


The reconstruction and construction of the Saint – Gobain Vertex manufacturing complex was carried out in several phases.
First, the steel production halls were erected. Individual halls form a monoblock and they are arranged according to
the succession of operations of the glass fibre manufacture, which form the core of the production process –V3 tank.
In the next phase, tank V4 with a similar structure as tank V3 was built, and a steel two aisle hall of the central dispatch
warehouse. The third phase included only construction of the facility for the manufacture of open mesh fabrics. One part
of the building houses weaving machines, and the second part serves for finishing, formatting and packaging of technical
fabrics. The building was designed as a steel construction founded on pre-fab concrete elements. In the fourth phase,
the production of open mesh fabrics was expanded. This involved addition of a steel structure on concrete piles. A new Glass
Mat hall for the production of glass mats was built in the fifth phase. The steel-reinforced concrete pre-fab structure, which
is founded on concrete piles, is jacketed with system panels. The technology is embedded on one monolithic and one steel
platform. In phases six and seven, the open mesh fabrics manufacture facility was again expanded, including an annex for
the administrative section. The 110 kV switching station was rebuilt in the eighth phase.