Water Supply System in Svatý Mikuláš Completed

Water Supply System in Svatý Mikuláš Completed
Story of Successful Partnership Continues

VCES company successfully concluded another water structure for municipality of Svatý Mikuláš. After a delivery of a new sewer system and waste water treatment plant in 2015 (CZK 82,4 million incl. VAT), VCES has also extended a water supply system of Svatý Mikuláš. Completed work was taken over on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 by Martina Suková, a municipality mayor, and Miloš Petera, president of Central Bohemian Region.

Since 2013, Svatý Mikuláš and surrounding villages have been connected to the group water supply system which is provided by Vodohospodářská společnost Vrchlice – Maleč, a.s. „A main pipeline runs around a site with new buildings therefore construction of new water supply system for these buildings was a consequent demand,’’ said Martina Suková during the handover ceremony.

The project costs totalled CZK 3.1 million with Central Bohemian Region contributing CZK 2.5 million. The remaining part of costs was paid by Svatý Mikuláš

The project execution design was prepared by MEDIUM projekt, v.o.s. Construction works were delivered by VCES company. „Construction works were launched on September 21, 2015 and completed until the end of the year. Issuing of the occupancy permit is scheduled on March 22, 2016.
During the construction, 1,570 meters of water mains were laid and first nine connections were built, "explained Jan Hnilička, deputy production director of VCES. "Regarding to the future expansion of the site, it is planned to build 80 additional water connection for about 350 residents,’’ concluded Hnilička.

Municipality of Svatý Mikuláš plans additional investment in the field of ecology for the forthcoming period. "
We have successfully finished a tender for general contractor for the delivery of a sewer system in two more villages - Sulovice and Lišice. We have also obtained a financial grant from the Ministry of Agriculture," informed Suková. "Regarding to the changes of grant’s requirements, we asked the Central Bohemian Region for co-funding the project costs in combination with our own financial resources to guarantee sufficient funds for the execution of the project ," added Suková.